Thursday, 6 September 2012

Bad Combinations

I know it's basically good to try new things. (Except things like murder obviously).

But recently I only seem to try things that are a combination of things that shouldn't ever be mixed. 

Exhibit A.
Macaroni Pie.

I happened to be in Scotland recently and saw this in Greggs.
My first thought was "Macaroni Cheese In a pieThat sounds incredible!".
I know that a lot of people would of thought "Macaroni Cheese In a pieThat sounds horrible!".
And they would be right.
It was disgusting, I could barely finish it, if I wasn't so hungry I wouldn't have.
For the sake of your own well being please never eat one.

Exhibit B.
Several weeks later I saw this in a pub.
Well, I like stout, and I like Chocolate. I expected it to taste like a fancy Hot Chocolate. Instead it was just a bit urrggg.
It wasn't as bad a the Macaroni Pie, but then again nothing is as bad as the Macaroni Pie.

I should of really learned something from this but if I ever see Ice Cream flavoured pizza, there is no way that I'm not trying it.

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