Sunday, 14 October 2012

Official Cookie Stolen

Official Cookie Jar
Whitehall was shocked today when it was discovered that a cookie had gone missing from the Official Cookie Jar (pictured right). 

The Official Cookie Jar was first used when Prime Minister William Gladstone said "I feel a bit peckish" during Prime Ministers Questions in 1870. So fond was he of the Official Cookie Jar that in fact many people believe that the only reason he became Prime Minister a further three separate times was so that he could again be in charge of the Official Cookie Jar. 

When, this morning, a cookie was found to be missing a full investigation was launched. 
At first the investigation was fruitless, as there were no fingerprints on the jar and the CCTV was down due to a technical malfunction.

It was then decided that all ministerial offices should be searched for traces of crumbs.

Henry Jackman
The search was almost immediately cut short when a video was uploaded to youtube showing a red gloved Henry Jackman, Minister in charge of deciding what angle hats should be worn at (pictured left), removing the lid, taking a cookie out and pocketing it, replacing the lid and walking away. 

It is unknown who shot the footage, and as it was done secretly, from a phone, it could be anyone.

When cornered by the press Henry Jackman said "I have done nothing wrong, I don't know where the cookie is and anyway it isn't even me in the video, that man was wearing a tie, and I am clearly not wearing a tie".

The location of the cookie is still unknown.

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