Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Community support offences.

The other day I was standing at a pelican crossing waiting for the green man.
Across the road from me were two community support officers, on the beat, also waiting to cross the road.

Community support officers always seem to get a hard time from everyone, being ridiculed for not being proper police, even being lampooned in a sketch by Mitchell and Webb.
I never really understood the anger aimed at them, until I saw them that day.

Once the traffic died down, these two 'officers' crossed the road despite the fact that the red man was still clearly lit up. Do these two have no respect for rules! Clearly they wont be made into proper police any time soon if they can't even cross the road properly. I mean, how are supporting the community with that lack of respect.

I stood there in quiet shock until the red man's active eco-friendly downstairs neighbour lit up.

I now get that CSOs deserve all the harassment and teasing.

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