Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Harry Potter Reveiw.

On Monday evening I went to see the latest and last Harry Potter film with some friends.

For me the two most memorable moments came before the film started.

  1. There was what looked liked a trailer, but not quite. There was some coke going through a straw and some popcorn exploding. Then the voice-over said "The action starts at the food counter!". I burst out laughing at how stupid that sentence was and the idea that they're trying to make buying popcorn seem sexy and cool. Ridiculous.
  2. After the trailers but before the film started there was an advert saying "For a true cinematic experience come to cineworld. Book now.". I then angrily grunted "WE'RE ALREADY HERE!".
The film itself was highly enjoyable, with many cameo apperances from great actors returning to roles from previous films (John Hurt, Emma Thompson, Miriam Margolyes, and so on.) Very exciting and fun.

I'd say without a doubt the greatest film I have ever seen that is based on half of a book.

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