Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lewes Bonfire

I was in Lewes for Bonfire night. I decided it would be a good time to visit some friends there because Lewes puts on an incredible Guy Fawkes night.

I forgot to take my camera so instead I'll just link to people that did.

Despite being warned that it would be busy, I was amazed by the volume of people as a left the train station. So much so that I had to adapt the route I'd planned to get to my friends house.
Then the path got closed off because the procession was coming through, about two hundred people marched through carrying burning stakes, carrying musical instruments and pulling along sparkling barrels. Some people were dressed as pirates, some were wearing kilts, and some for no apparent reason, were dressed as the Smurfs.




And of course there was a Guy Fawkes Effigy...

The highlight was the bonfire itself, a giant wooden pyramid with a base of about ten meters by ten meters. After about half an hour after it was lit only a quarter of it was actually on fire and standing twenty meters away we could feel the heat as if it were at the end of our noses.



It was an incredible evening, and I'm fairly sure I walked past Ben Goldacre at one point.

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