Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cup of Boredom.

Before I came to to University it was never an issue that I didn't like tea. Occasionally someone might ask and that would be the end of it.
But here it seems that weekly I get asked about it, by people who already know. It's getting annoying.

I am someone who ...
  • has weird hair
  • has an eccentric taste in clothes
  • doesn't enjoy clubbing
  • plays an obscure hybrid folk instrument
  • nearly always wears walking boots
  • has read interesting books
  • knows a lot of random information
So surely there is something less monotonous we could talk about.

I would like to like tea, it seems relaxing and has inspired some really nice songs, but I just don't.
I drank a cup last year, it tasted like sadness.

It's just that I know conversations can more interesting that "You don't like tea, you must be a freak".

So please don't ask me about tea.

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