Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Soup review.

Yes, I am really reviewing soup.
I was at the shop earlier and I saw a tube of soup paste and thought I had to try it.
I felt the same way last year when Tesco did the Lasagne Sandwich.

The Soup packet looked liked this...
I wasn't expecting it to be nice, but I just wanted to try it.
The instructions could be summed up as "put in a cup and mix with hot water". This is usually a sign that I won't like it as I don't like Pot Noodles, Coffee or Tea.

In case you can't imagine what soup in a cup looks like, here it is.
Despite its simplistic cooking method, it was surprisingly nice.
It looked like soup.
It smelt like soup.
It tasted like soup.

I would recommend if you don't time to cook soup, are a student or are going camping.

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