Monday, 19 September 2011


Here are the notes I took during a Dynamics lecture I had in march.
To give this some context, this was the only lecture I had that day. If it wasn't for this I would of had the day off.

[Lecturer] has man flu.
His hair looks rubbish today.


His voice is as dull as ever.

None of this is new to me,
I find it quite patronising.
(Patronising of course means to talk down to people.)

Why did I bother coming in for this?

20 mins in.

I bet he wont give us a break. He never gives us a break. It's a two hour lecture, we're supposed to have a break.

I've just realised, it's the Ides of March. Beware of backstabber's.

He just asked if we've ever done integration. Of course we've done integration! Idiot.

An hour in now. The break isn't hopeful.

End of the 'A' part of the lecture. He is not stopping.

He just questioned our integration again. I'm getting angry now.

Someone just walked out. Good on them.

1 hour 25 mins in. I'm contemplating going to sleep.

1 hour 35 now. WILL HE NEVER STOP!

Final Question. Yay!

Well that was 1 hour 45 mins of my life wasted.

Looking at this it's a wonder that I passed.

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