Saturday, 20 August 2011

How Dyer (dire)

This is a recreation of a poster I saw a few days ago.
There isn't any part of that sentence that makes sense.

Firstly Danny Dyer the self-proclaimed 'man', wannabe actor and presenter of ground breaking documentary 'Danny Dyer: I believe in UFOS', is DJing.
I can't understand why he feels the need to add to his list of talents. If you were going to put on an event like this and you were thinking 'But who can we get to DJ?' Danny Dyer would not be top of your list.
I'd like to confess that I do not know what Danny Dyers taste in music is like, but I'm guessing it's not great.

Secondly why let Danny Dyer DJ at an opera house? I'm not against the idea of a DJ in an opera house, if you can sell enough tickets then why not. But the words 'Danny Dyer' and 'Opera house' just do not go well together, like the words 'T-shirt canon' and 'Nunnery' or 'Ice cream' and 'Operating theatre'.

Note: I have since learnt that Opera House is dance music venue in Walthamstow but I'm going to pretend it was the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden because that is much more amusing.

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